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Lurestrike Spinnerbaits Manufacturing Quality Lures Since 2006


Lurestrike spinnerbaits has worked with many pro anglers to produce some of Australia’s finest lures. Our lures are constructed with quality components from trusted global brands. We have one of the biggest selection of spinnerbait options available in Australia, skirts, blades, weights, styles & colours. Our spinnerbait, buzzbait & rumbler head has been specially designed to suit Australian conditions and runs through out the entire range. Our lures have been seen in many of the top fishing magazines and featured in the Classic Dvd The Magic Hour by Josh & Jamie Fishing.

We Are

Manufactures of Quality Fishing Lures

Using quality components is the key to a great lure, and that’s why Lurestrike is one of the best, we use the world best components to construct our lures. If its a hot bite you can’t go past Lurestrike.


We Have

A Great Range of Fishing Lures

Spinnerbait weights from 1/8 oz. right up to  the new 4 oz. Colossus spinnerbait, theirs surely one to suit your needs. Spinnerbaits, Buzzbaits, Rumblers, Spinners of all kinds & Soft Plastics, we’ve got it covered.


We Offer

Great Customer Service & Support

Our lures are made to order so you know your getting one fresh of the production line. Fast turn around times and customer satisfaction is what we delivery, and keeps our customers coming back again and again.


Our Range

Check out the range of quality fishing lures

Spinnerbaits, buzzbait, rumblers, spinners & soft plastics are our main products line although we have a massive inventory of spinnerbait & lure parts.


Our spinnerbait range is one of the biggest in Australia, it all started with the Thunder Pro and now has grown to over 14 models Double D, Boofhead, Take Two, Tri1, Team Goodang Signature Series, Livebait Pro, Livebait Pro HD, Stinger, Silhouette Series, Dart, Small Fry, The Beast, Take Four, Special Edition Christmas, Schoolie and we are just about to release our new 4 oz. Colossus Spinnerbait. Spinnerbait are the perfect weapon for Murray Cod, Golden Perch, Bass, English Perch and many more.



Our range of buzzbaits consist of three great models all three will  stir things up on top. Quality blades, heads and heavy duty wire make our buzzbaits the choice of many. Buzzbaits are a top water lure with some models able to be used subsurface as the sink, great way to search out new ground. The surface strike of a fish is an awesome experience one you won’t forget, can become very addictive. We have three models of buzzbaits, the original Hydro, Twin Turbine and the new Fuzzbait.


No need to grumble with these quality vibrations lures, Dynamite on cod & many more. The Magnum blade vibrates like no other lure, the addition of the Soft plastic trailer give this lure has a huge presence in the water. Hook is attached directly to the blade for maximum strength and the twisted eye line connector gives this lure more action. Built for big fish the rumbler is sure to be up there with the best.  Four great models, Mad Barry, Mad Barry Livebait Pro, Cod Widower & Cod Widower Pro.




Lurstrike spinners are Australian made using quality components from around the world. Spinners have been around for quite some time and have been predominantly used for Trout fishing, although can used for many other species. Jig spinners are a great way to transform your jig into mini spinnerbaits, just clip on and away you go. Hogback spinners are an old favourite for redfin. We have a great range of spinners, trout, jig & hogback, we have many styles and colours to choose from.


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The Heads Up

A spinnerbait head specially designed for Australian anglers

Lurestrike has designed a spinnerbait head that accommodates all the things that Aussie anglers are looking for.

spin head des1


The specially designed fish shaped head with gill covers is designed to suit anglers looking for a unique lure, and covers all models in our spinnerbait, buzzbait & rumbler range.

spin head des2


Lurestikes head is super tuff, made from a lead alloy mix that holds together longer than an ordinary lead head. Get ahead of the rest with Lurestrike!

spin head des3


Designed with features that anglers want, recessed eye socket, extended collar to take two standard skirts & comes with a double ringed holder to secure soft plastic trailers.

spin head des4


Good looks are not completely necessary on a spinnerbait although with 3D eyes and powder coated fish shaped heads, the Lurestrike spinnerbait scrubs up alright.

Testimonials from Happy Anglers

Lurestrike Spinnerbaits

We have worked with many top anglers & customers over the years to create the quality spinnerbaits  we manufacture today, click the arrows below to view our happy customers comments.

Read the kind words from happy customers

Customer feedback and input from pro anglers has made us  a leader in the  spinnerbait industry. Listening to our customers is the key to our success.

Lure Options

Customise your lure from our massive range of components & accessories

Lurestrike spinnerbaits offers a huge range of weight, blade, swivel, hook, soft plastic trailer & one of the largest skirt colour ranges in Australia, take a look visit the on-line shop.

Weight Options

Our head has been designed by Lurestrike for Australian conditions and run through the entire range of spinnerbaits, buzzbaits & rumblers. Weight range from 1/8 to a massive 4 oz., 1/8,1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 1, 2 & 4 oz are available in certain models.

Blade Options

We have many different colours and styles to choose from, all models come fitted with blades although can be customised to suit your needs. Our stock consist of Colorado, Willowleaf, Magnum Willow in genuine gold & silver plate, copper & black nickel Lacquer, smooth or hammered finishes available.

Skirt Options

The skirt option are simply amazing, styles include Easy Pro, Easy Pro Tarantula, Livebait Pro, Fatboy Rounds, Lightning & a huge range of standard tied skirts. With well over 100 colours across the range we are sure theirs one you’ll find to suit your needs.


Swivel Options

Not many manufactures can give you the options we can, we have economy ball bearing swivels way up to the trusted global brands like Sampo & Worth. Some swivels are available in nickel & stealth black nickel colours. Size 2 is the swivel of choice although soon we’ll be releasing our size 3 heavy duty stealth black nickel swivel.

Our expertise

Based on experience & strength

Lurestrike has over 10 years experience in the fishing lure industry. Our spinnerbaits were created with all the feedback from pro anglers and customers. Lurestrike the original cod strong spinnerbait!


Latest News

Here you’ll find our latest news, new lure releases, fish pictures and a whole lot more. Click the arrows to view more posts.


The Worlds Best Components

Lurestrike Spinnerbaits use the best components from around the world, top quality components are the key to our success.

Quality Components

Trusted Global Brands


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